Barra Nationals

The Barra Nationals was setup by the Palmerston Game Fishing Club way back in 1996 with a focus on providing an avenue for the average angler to fish and experience a world class fishing tournament.

The tournament is held each year around the end of April at the Banyan Farm Daly river.  The event attracts enormous interest with teams coming from all corners of Australia jostling for the exclusive 70 team spots available.  Competitors at the Nats via for a myriad of team and individual prizes with the most coveted being Champion Team and Champion Angler.

The point system works to reward all anglers regardless if they are targeting lots of small fish or the larger fish that are harder to find.  All Barramundi caught over 40 cm are allocated a point score according the length of the fish.  For example a 40cm Barramundi will score 5 points, while a 103 cm Barramundi will score 399 points.  Points are accumulated with the team and angler having the most points at the end of the week being crowned the Champion Team and Champion angler.

Fish care is foremost with the Barra Nationals being the first Barra tournament in Australia to mandate the use of fine mesh knotless fishing nets back in the early 2000’s.  The allowed use of the new fishing line braids and compulsory use of barbless hooks also contribute to a quick catch and healthy release of the fish.

The combination of the Barramundi – Australia’s famous sportfish, the magnificent Daly River, the Banyan Farm venue purposely designed around hosting the Barra Nationals and over 210 dead keen anglers from all over Australia, all these combined together command the interest of all forms of media.

Due to the nonstop weeklong cycle of fishing, fun and entertainment the event is a serious test of determination and stamina.  Most competitors go home needing a long rest to recover.  The competition is renowned for the enduring bonds that develop amongst the anglers in the Barra Nationals family and renewed year after year.

Expressions of interest to fish the event are usually called for each year around early May and close around mid July.

Want to know more – head over to the Barra Nationals web page.